Brand New Formula!


Our new formula has ALL of the quality ingredients you've come to expect from the original formula, PLUS some exciting new ingredients shown to support a health prostate! AND, we've encapsulated it in a veggie cap for easier swallowing and better absorption!

  • Stinging nettle extract
  • Pygeum
  • Increased zinc
  • Alanine
  • Glycine
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B6


ProstatePure for Prostate Support


Protect yourself, take ProstatePure & ProstatePure PLUS daily!


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Improve Prostate Health With Prostate Pure & Prostate Pure Plus

"I take ProstatePure PLUS daily for better prostate health!"

Beta Sitosterol for Prostate Protection, BPH & Enlarged Prostate

Many who have excessive urination or frequent night time urination suffer from poor prostate health due to an enlarged prostate. Prostate Pure Plus has been proven to improve the health of your prostate.


We have all heard of the positive health effects of the beta-sitosterol found in saw palmetto berries, and they have been used for - literally - hundreds of years. However, research and clinical studies prove that the active ingredients needed for better prostate health along with the beta-sitosterol found in ProstatePure & ProstatePure PLUS, are more potent than saw palmetto to help with an enlarged prostate.


It would take over one-hundred saw palmetto capsules to obtain the same amount of beta-sitosterol found in ProstatePure & ProstatePure PLUS!



Our new formula ProstatePure PLUS contains pygeum, nettle and increased zinc for improved prostate function and the amino acids alanine and glycine, plus vitamin C and vitamin B6 to assist in their assimilation.


Studies show that natural ProstatePure & ProstatePure PLUS with beta sitosterol helps with:


Prostate Problems Are Inevitable ... But Avoidable


Researchers know that every man - if he lives long enough - will eventually experience prostate troubles due to poor prostate health such as an enlarged prostate. Whether you are currently experiencing prostate problems, or wish to avoid them, taking ProstatePure regularly will help to